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About Michelle

Hi, my name is Michelle. I am the creator of Taming Time, a website designed to help you manage your time better.

I currently have no fixed place I call home. In 2010 my hubby and I left our hometown and sold most of our belongings have become part of the 'long-term travel crowd'. Time management (and some other stuff) made this possible. I have learned that if you manage your time the sensible way, you will be rewarded.

Learning to Tame Time

Time management is boooooooring! Who wants to be a machine that makes sure every second of their day is carefully allocated? Do you want to be a productivity machine? Me neither!! Thats is what I thought time management meant. It doesn't.

I wanted to get more out of life, but I always found I was busy, busy. I decided to look into "this time management thing" and I quickly learned that there is a right and wrong way to approach time management. I am first and foremost someone who is interested in living a happy, balanced and flexible lifestyle. I have no interest in scheduling every minute of every day.

What I wanted to gain from learning about time management was how to have more time to do the things I loved, whilst still earning enough money to do them (I have been self-employed since 2007).

I was never someone who knew 'what I wanted to do when I grew up' and my interests have been rather varied. I wanted the time to look into the things I was interested in without affecting my income. I was also interested in increasing my income so that I could spend more time doing things I enjoyed.

After unlocking this "secret" I realized that my life had been enriched more than I thought possible. Not because I am some kind of time management ninja - but simply because just being aware of how you spend your time enriches your life. I am not behind any one time management 'system' or 'technique'. Why? As individuals we all have different interests, demands and responsibilities and there is no such thing as a one size fits all time management system.

Any goal you have, anything you want to achieve; become the master of your time and it will happen!! There is an old expression that if you really want to learn something well - teach it. Taming Time is here so you can follow me on my path to better time management, and hopefully learn a thing or two in the process!!

Make the choice, and invest the time to transform your life.

What Effective Time Management has Done for Me

  • I exercise regularly.
  • Allowed me and my hubby to become full-time travellers.
  • Make money on the road from the internet.
  • When people ask "What have you been up to?" I have something interesting to say.
  • I eat healthier, as I am not eating in a mad rush.
  • I spend more quality time with my other half.
  • I have a sense of achievement each day.
  • I sleep better, and don't feel stressed anymore.
  • I can enjoy "fun time" guilt free as everything that should be done is done.
  • I have reduced my work time considerably while earnings remain the same or go up!
  • My mind feels free, not weighed down by unfinished tasks.

    Taming Time Also Pays My Bills

    Well not on its own.

    Between my hubby and myself we own 5 income generating content websites like Taming Time. What is special about that? Our online business allows us to live anywhere in the world and work via the internet.

    I get asked quite often how we make money through our websites, especially as we don't currently sell anything. Instead of telling everyone the same thing I put together this article outlining how our websites make us passive income.

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