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What is Time Management? Define Time Management (part 3)

Definition of Time Management:

The act of consciously choosing how your time is spent.

What is your definition of time management?

I conducted a little questionnaire and got back some interesting responses. You guys were asked "how would you define time management?". I was curious about what my readers thought about what the definition of time management is.

What is Time Management: Questionaire Answers

Here are some of the answers I received:

I would say time management is trying to find the balance between what I needs to done done and what are wants.

- Kirsty: Home Maker

Time management is basically how one budgets their time. For example, if a student plays a lot of video games and complains they don't have time to finish their homework, they have poor time management skills. Sometimes what may cause poor time management is laziness or a lack of initiative.

- Dave W: Newspaper Carrier

 I would define time management as being always available at the right place, for doing right thing at right time and ensure that the subject work is completed correctly, without being reminded by others.

- Pete: Full time Employee in a MNC.  

I define time management as the ability to organize yourself effectively to make the most use of your day. It is accomplishing as much as possible or as much as you have planned for the day without wasting any time on unproductive activities such as waiting or daydreaming. I plan my week and make lists of tasks to to completed or followed up on within a specific timeline. I have many longterm projects and last minute requirements that must be completed.

- Lindsey: School Administrator

I would define time management as the skill and/or ability to organize and prioritize your time.

- Martin :Civil servant  

Do the best within stipulated time with prior planning.

- Stanley: Employee

    Time management can be better described as alloting our available time to complete our several tasks. By this method we can effectively perform in completing our day to day tasks in an ordered way. In companies, with better planning and time management the day to day tasks are performed well and the productivity can be increased at a competitive cost.

- Bayden: Company Employee


Time management is prioritizing your tasks, determining the time necessary to accomplish each one, and then, following through.

- Nikki: Optician  

Making the most use of time, to get for the more important work first.

- Cassidy: Student  

Time management is the ability to anticipate how one will use time as well as the ability to make choices about time usage that are related to one's values. In other words, it's a proactive use of time instead of just rolling along a day reacting.

- Simon: Teacher

If you want to see more peoples responses to this questionaire check out definition of time management (part 1) and what is time management? (part 2). Do you have something to say about time management? You can share your views, tips ideas and time management systems over at talking about time management (no registration necessary).

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