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What is Time Management? Definition of Time Management (part 1)

Definition of Time Management:

The act of consciously choosing how your time is spent.

How would you define time management?

I conducted a little questionnaire and got back some interesting responses. You guys were asked "how would you define time management?". I was curious about my readers thought about the time management definition.

Definition of Time Management: Questionaire Answers

Here are some of the answers I received:

Time management is all about prioritization and organization. To effectively manage time, prioritize your tasks in order of most importance. Make a plan for each task on your list. Decide how much time you'll need for each task. Start working. Check the time every so often to be sure you're still on schedule. Make adjustments as necessary. Stay on track and don't procrastinate. You'll have your tasks completed in no time at all.

- Stephan: Accounts Payable  

I would define time management as how a person uses the time they have to manage the tasks at hand and how well they carry out those tasks.

- Jody: A mother, a college student, a tutor and a webcam model

  I would define time management as being always available at the right place, for doing right thing at right time and ensure that the subject work is completed correctly, without being reminded by others.

- Pete: Full time Employee in a MNC.  

Definition of time management: Prioritize tasks, so you can spend times doing things which you really want to do.

- Caleb: Student  

  Time management is about how we are utilizing our time in a systematic way. To adopt this practice, first, we should know how we are wasting our time and how to control that. Then, we need to plan each and every activity based on their urgency, importance etc. If we follow time management, we can achieve a lot.

- Marci

  Time management is a process wherein one must keep dedicated time to manage their multiple tasks and also work according to it. this keeps the person out of stress and tension. it is very important for everyone to know and follow time management.

- Suzanne: Student  

  It is when you set priorities for tasks and allot time to complete them. I think a lot of people complicate it, when it's actually a very simple thing to do.

- Becky: Housewife


  The definition of time management refers to the development of our self and engagement of others and its create a increase efficiency and productivity.

- Boon: Student  

Time management defintion, is how you divide your time for different kinds of task.

- Cain: Student  

  Time management is managing your time in an efficient way. This includes thinking about the tasks you need to accomplish and prioritize them. Then, you may want to list them in order of importance if you like to check things off of a list. Then, you need to divide the time you have available in a manner that is consisitent with the most time devoted to the most important tasks. Time management is all about making the most use out of the time you have available. You have to focus on what you need to accomplish and divide your time up to accomplish you goals in an efficient manner.

- Victoria: Grad student

If you want to see more peoples responses to this questionaire what is time management (part 2) and define time management (part 3). Do you have something to say about time management? You can share your views, tips ideas and time management systems over at talking about time management (no registration necessary).

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