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5 Things You Didn't Know About Effective Personal Time Management

I am sharing 5 important things you may not know about effective time management at home and personally.

effective personal time management
Effective Personal Time Management in the Kitchen
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In Order to Manage Time Effectively Every Spare Second Must Be Assigned A Task. False.

Too much structure is a recipe for disaster.

Don't make the mistake of trying to take your schedule to the extreme. Effective time management involves understanding how to be flexible. I am telling you this right now. You will not be able to live up to a super strict schedule.

Radical inflexible schedules will make your life and those around you stressful. Either you will burn out from trying to maintain an impossible schedule or you will give up and feel like a failure. If you are new to active time management the key is to take baby steps in the right direction. Not a total change from disorganized to super tight schedule.

Everything Must Be "Productive" or Important Sounding. False.

Down time needs to be part of your effective personal time management strategy.

This is really a follow on "extreme scheduling". If you try to only pack things that are so called "productive" you are already on the road to burnout. If this is you, please stop right now and take 10 deep breaths because you must be feeling quite wound up. Not scheduling down time is actually counterproductive to productivity.

Down time allows your body and mind to take a little rest. A little time out refreshes and rejuventates. You will find even just making sure you have 10 minutes a day to just sit you will feel much more refreshed. I recommend more than 10 minutes though, and make sure you do something peaceful and quiet that you enjoy. For me I love reading novels, or having a good long soak in the bath!!

Time Management at Home Is Easy. False.

Due to having no critical time deadline etc it is actually harder to manage time well at home.

Effective personal time management at home is a challenge, particularly when you are home all day. Being new to working from home (or stay at home parent) proves particularly challenging. Its your house, your time and your rules. Getting up late, watching a few day time TV shows, surfing online for hours is a mistake many people fall into. With no boss over your shoulder, and seemingly all the time in the world things can begin to blur! (Time management tips just for homemakers)

Another reason why time management in the home is a difficult task is due to lack of motivation. After a hards day's work it can be hard to feel like doing the laundry, walking the dog and making dinner.

3 simple ways to make time management at home easier: Make sure every member of the household has a few chores that are specifically theirs to do, have a cleaning routine and have a menu plan for the week.

Personal Time Management Is Just About Time. False.

Keeping areas such as your kitchen, bathroom and home office organized are key.

Fast track to effective personal time management: have a spot for everything.

Keys, wallet, purse, handbag... anything else that is important to you and you use on a regular basis, need a regular spot. You need to do this right now! Stand up, walk away from the computer and choose a spot for your keys, wallet and one other important item. Don't worry - I will still be here when you get back!

Having an organized living area, bathroom, kitchen and home office will make you feel much more effective. It may take a little while to get everywhere organized and de-cluttered. But that's OK. No one is expecting a miracle out of you. Added bonus, as you de-clutter physical items your mind will automatically de-clutter as well. Ah, a clear head.

Outsourcing is a Dirty Word. False.

Even in your home life outsourcing can free up time.

What is outsourcing? Outsourcing is a way to free up more time in your own life by paying someone else to do something. Effective personal time management invloves understanding when it is time to get some help.

You can outsource your house cleaning, cooking, lawn mowing, snow shoveling and childcare. You may already be doing some of these things, just had not thought of them in terms of outsourcing. You can also hire a virtual assistant who can be hired by the hour, or for a set amount per month.

Outsourcing doesn't mean that you are lazy, it means you are taking control over your own time. If you feel short on time, consider freeing up a bit more time by outsourcing some tasks. We pay someone to mow our lawns, we never have to think about how long the grass is getting or pulling out the lawn mower. Definitely worth the time to not have to do it, and the time not to have to think about it!

Where to Next?

To achieve effective personal time management you need to keep learning about time management and improving step by step...

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