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What You Need to Know About
the Effects of Procrastination

Procrastinating can have some nasty side effects. What are they and why should you care?

effects of procrastination
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Procrastination leads to things piling up on my desk, in my inbox, and in my mind. I struggle with trying to keep things on task and done as quickly as possible so they do not pile up, but it is a constant battle. I have tried to implement strategies to reduce procrastination, but they are often thwarted and leave me needing to start over again.

- Ray: Finance Department  

Looking into the procrastination effect, can be like looking at the effects of smoking. Smoking causes yellow teeth, yellow finger tips, can cause lung cancer, smokers can be looked down upon, smokers smell bad...

Therefore a reasoning person would never start smoking or quit. Why? By being informed about the effects smoking has it would be reasonable to try to avoid smoking. Understanding the effects of smoking and the consequences to smoking is a lot more motivating that merely being told "smoking is bad".

Procrastination effects can be viewed the same way. Really think about what impact procrastination will have on your health, life quality and peace of mind - you may find procrastination is not that lucrative after all!

Side note: We all procrastinating sometimes, it is when we become chronic procrastinators that we can run into problems and we can experience some of these effects of procrastination.

Effects of Procrastination on You Personally

1. Stress, feeling totally overwhelmed.

2. Feelings of guilt, lowered self esteem due to not completing tasks on time. Or feeling like nothing you can never achieve anything or reach any goals.

3. Loss of opportunities due to always being so busy trying to catch up on past required tasks.

4. Tasks are often done to a sub-standard level, no job satisfaction.

5. Disorganization - making your mind feel cluttered and overwhelmed.

What are the effects of procrastinaiton do you suffer from? Share them with us at tackling procrastination.

All these things combined can cause a pretty unpleasant life!! It is worth spending time working on your procrastination problem. If you sit there reading this going "yeah, yeah" the only person losing is you. If you don't do something about it, procrastination will continue to run your life. By tackling procrastination head on you will be able to spend more time doing the things that you enjoy. Doesn't that sound more pleasant than killing time avoided things?

When I procrastinate, the things I do while avoiding what needs to be done is really pointless. I don't accomplish much of anything. Then things pile up and it all becomes overwhelming and stressful. I always end up regretting procrastinating.

- Sarsha: Student

It is up to you.

Have you have beaten your procrastination into submission? Do you have any tips and ideas for others for how to overcome procrastinaiton? Share them with the class!

Learn more about the causes of procrastination and ways to overcome it.

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