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Being an entreprenuer can be is hard work. Optimizing your time is one way you can leverage your business and crack through to the next earning level. Doesn't matter what your business is, whether you are an infopreneur, chimney sweep or attempting to build your blog into a viable business - time is money. Effective use of time managmenet tools and systems can make or break your business.

The best part? You don't have to spend truckloads of money on tools to manage your time better! Many free time management tools can be found online - and in some cases free tools can outshine tools with a hefty price tag!!

Daily Activities, Notes and Plans? Easy With Google Calander!

What is it? Google has a free online calandar system, you can use to track your daily activities and plans. One of the most well known free time management tools available online.

Pros: Its online so easily accessable. Can be accessed by any computer and you can integrate it with your gmail account if you have one.

Cons: I don't use it, so I can't make any sweeping comments (I use ical). However anything to do with google and google tracking your data, can be an issue for some people.

Final Thoughts: It is free, give it a try to see if it suits your needs.

Find it By: Googling "google calander".

Of the Free Time Management Tools This is One of My Favorites: Online Stopwatch

What is it? A big giant online stopwatch and coutdown clock.

Pros: It is basically a timer you can use to track what you are doing. Because it is free and online, it is easy to access if you are on the internet a lot.

Cons: Tiny con, when using the countdown timer, after you enter the time you are planning to countdown from you press "set". But this does not start the countdown, you need to then press the start button. On more than one occasion, I have never actually pressed start due to this!

Final Thoughts: I love timers, so it stands to reason that I am a fan. But I still prefer my own portable kitchen timer.

Find it Here: Online Stopwatch.

Track Everything in One Place Online: Toodledo

What is it? Online place where you can track your to-do lists, add notes etc.

Pros: If something happens to your computer, you wont lose your data in toodledo because it is stored online. Same applies if you are traveling but not taking a computer - easy access to all your information.

Cons: I found it a bit to fiddly for my taste. Don't let that put you off however, because I do like simple sytems better.

Final Thoughts: It's free, try it out and see what you think. You can upgrade to a paid service if you want as well.

Find it By: Googling "Toodledo".

Helps Prevent Time Wasting Online: Leechblock

What is it? Used to block certain websites for set periods of time. You choose what websites to block, when and for how long.

Pros: Means you can block all the websites that you waste time on, either permanently or for a set period of time. You may decide to "block yourself" from facebook while you are working online for example. Good to help create some boundaries - and any time you try to open a blocked site you will be sharply reminded that you are wasting time online once again.

Cons: You can easily go back into leechblock an unblock it, and once you have unblocked it once - it is super easy to do it again...and again...

Final Thoughts: I personally don't use it, but I can see the benefits for those that have an addiction to certain forums, sites or blogs. Give it a go if you suspect you have a bit of an internet addiction.

Find it By: Googling "leechblock".

For Simple Personal Goal Tracking: Joes Goals

What is it? An online goal recording system.

Pros: It is online, so it is mobile. You can access your goals from any computer that has an internet connection. You can record positive and negative goals. A positive goal might be to go for a swim everyday and a negative goal might be eating takeaways for example.

Cons: Is online, so if you do not have access to the internet for a period of time - it is difficult to record your goals.

Final Thoughts: As far as free time management tools go Joes goals is pretty good. Joes goals is just about you and your goals - it is not like some other goal setting websites around where it is about social go setting and achieving. This is your personal goal setting location.

Find it Here: Joes Goals.

For Those Making Their Living Online: Adsense Earnings in Your Toolbar

Note: This is one of my favorite free time management tools! However this one is only useful if you make your living online, and like me adsense is part of your income.

What is it? A downloadable addon for firefox, it allows you too view how much you have earned from adsense in real time. You can set it up to show you the days earning, the months or last 7 days just your options in adsense reports.

Pros: Since I make a sizable part of my income through adsense, it is always tempting to go and check out how much I have made that day. Since adding this to the tool bar, I rarely check adsense - and if I am tempted all I need to do is to glance at the bottom right of my browser, temptation over!!

Cons: Some would say it is distracting to have your adsense earnings always on display, but I have found it to be much more of a time saver than time waster. One other thing to consider is though, if your computer is used by other people, they will be privy to your earnings unless you log out completely each time.

Final Thoughts: If you make money through adsense, and use firefox - it's a no brainer. Go download it now!!

Find it By: Googling "adsense firefox addon".

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