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Practical Help With Procrastination

First things first:

Stop being so hard on yourself and give yourself permission to mess up, do a bad job and not do the whole task in one go.

Now that that is out of the way:

"Half the battle is just starting". This is an almost cliche expression - but it still rings true. With any task, from errands, to chores, to work projects, to homework assignments - once you start it is generally quite easy to continue.

Starting is the hard bit! Starting is hard quite often due to the task seeming so daunting. To stop feeling overwhelmed, give yourself permission to just do a little bit.

For information on various overcome procrastination action steps along with the causes of procrastination.

Schedule to do something you enjoy after completing a task. This gives you more incentive not to procrastinate.

- Lawrence: Builds Airplanes

Help With Procrastination in 5 Simple Steps

help with procrastination
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Tools needed:

  • Timer/Clock
  • Pen
  • Notebook/Paper

    1. Get a pen and paper.

    2. Write down the thing you procrastinate about the most.

    3. Set the timer for 5 minutes and get together the things you need to do this task, stop as soon as the timer goes off.

    4. Reward yourself with a beverage of your choice.

    5. Set the timer for 15 minutes to 30 minutes and continue task.

    If you follow this tried and tested formula (rinse and repeated for other dreaded tasks) you will find yourself eating up all those tasks you have been procrastinating about. Freeing your mind up - giving you a better quality of life!

    Basic Time Management Tools to Help With Procrastination

  • Timer. These come in many forms, from a stopwatch style, built into your cellphone, applications for your computer to a kitchen timer. I guarantee once you start using a timer effectively - you will never go back! Find out how I use mine!

  • To-Do List. A basic tool for managing your time better. Get more out of your to-do list by learning how to prioritize tasks better.

  • A reward. A chocolate, a cup of tea, time to play video games or golf. Something that you really enjoy doing. When you have completed a task (or completed it to a certain level) give yourself a pre-arranged reward.

    I tell myself that I will get a reward when I complete what I need to. Something simple like a cold beer after working in my yard or a cup of coffee when working on something at work.

    - Tony: Technical Sales

    One last tip: Get a friend or family member to help you with procrastination. Sometimes just letting someone know that a certain task needs to be done helps it get done.

    At TamingTime.com there is a lot of information about procrastination. You may also be interested in: What you need to know about the effects of procrastination. The link between depression and procrastination and some interesting procrastination statistics.

    Don't hesitate to share your help with procrastination hints and tips over at overcoming procrastination.

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