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15 Top Time Management Tips Exclusively for Homemakers

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As homemakers - it is a challenge getting everything done. Contrary to popular belief being a housewife/homemaker/househusband is not about sitting on your behind watching TV. With the illusion that you have a lot of time, things can really pile up...

And we all know there are things other than house cleaning and organizing we would rather be doing! So how can you manage your time better? These time management tips are just for you the homemaker.

"I never seem to have enough time to complete all of my daily chores as well as spend enough time with my family."

- Kieran: Home Maker

  • Have a place for everything.
    How much time do you waste frantically looking for your keys? Retrain your brain and assign "homes" for everything.

  • Have a schedule, and stick to it.
    New fulltime homemakers can find a schedule challenging at first. Isn't kissing the job goodbye the end of schedules? No. Far from it. In fact it can be more challenging to manage time at home than on the job. A schedule is a must.

  • Keep said schedule flexible.
    A routine should be installed. However things need to be keep a bit flexible. Particularly when children are involved.

    time management tips for homemakers
    Time Management Tips
    So You Can Spend More Time With Your Kids

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  • Group similar jobs together.
    Maybe do cooking for the day in one hit. Or vacuum the whole house, alternately focus on cleaning one room well per day.

  • Don't let chores pile up.
    If you succumm to the "I will do it tomorrow" mentality things will quickly pile up, and even escalate out of control. A little often is a lot easier than a Mount Everest pile of dishes any day.

  • Stop trying to be Superwoman and Ask for help.
    Assign some of the chore time to your kids. Start them young doing age appropriate tasks. Ask your significant other for a little help around the house.

  • Outsource, or hire some help.
    If your family is in the position to do so, consider hiring a bit of help. Is $30 a week for someone to come and clean your house going to save your sanity?

  • Shop smarter, one of the best time management tips.
    Save time by shopping online (bonus often shipping is free). Amazon and eBay are great hard good and book suppliers. You can even shop for groceries online!

  • Set reasonable goals.
    Stop burning yourself out trying to get so much packed into a day. Sit down and do some serious prioritizing.

  • Schedule some down time.
    Having some "me time" allows you to relax, recharge and have more energy. A common mistake with learning time management is thinking every waking moment must be productive. It doesn't!!

  • Be aware of the time vacuum.
    TV and internet browsing are two classic time vacuums. Monitor how much time you are actually spending involved in unproductive activities. There is nothing wrong with the TV or the internet, just keep it balanced.

  • Automate.
    There is no reason you should still be sending checks if you have the internet. Internet banking allows you to automate your bill payments, freeing up your mind from tedious bill paying.

  • Use lists.
    A to-do list to give you simple reminders to pick up a gift for Aunt Sally, return library books and take the car in for maintenance. A grocery list will save you time and money.

  • Menu plan.
    Another tip that will save time and money. By planning the weeks meals, you only buy groceries you will use and you don't have to think up a new dinner every night.

  • Say no.
    Time is precious. Don't let yourself fall into the habit of saying yes to every request that comes your way. Saying no lets others know you value your time. (of course this doesn't mean you say no to everything!!

    Just for People who Work at Home

  • Have set work time.
    Bring your family on board. Let them know what your work time is. One tip is to write your "work hours" out on a post it, keep this by the computer and on the fridge for your families easy reference.

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    What now? There is no point in reading this long list of time management tips... and then doing nothing. Like Nike says - Just Do It!! Get started on your new improved (and more balanced) life today. If your a bit of a smarty pants why don't you share your time management tips with us all... Look forward to hearing from you!

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