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How to Overcome Procrastination Made Super Simple

A tendency to procrastinate has been the downfall of many a good person in today's society. Delaying your obligations until later often results in poor work or not getting things done at all. By using the clear ideas outlined below, you can definitely learn how to overcome procrastination.

One: Break Things Down

First of all, breaking a project into clear steps can help you to overcome your procrastination habit. Whether you are taking your clothing to the laundromat or writing a thesis paper, your task will be much more manageable if you break it into smaller parts.

Use your mind to create mini-tasks. For instance, if you always put off cleaning your house, divide the areas that need to be cleaned in your mind. Clean the kitchen today and the living room tomorrow. If you think of such a large task as two mini-tasks, your mind won't revolt so much at the thought of getting the job done.

Two: Clear Reminders

Secondly, you need to set yourself clear reminders not to procrastinate by getting a time management planner. Most people benefit from having this kind of visual aid to help them recall what needs to be done. In this planner, you can write down the steps it takes to meet your goals and exactly when you will do each step. By planning specific days to do activities, you will be less likely to put off tasks/procrastinate.

Three: Get Some Help

Finally, you can enlist the help of a friend to make you avoid procrastination. If something really important needs to be done and you doubt your ability to maintain self-control, ask a friend to keep reminding you about it.

Your friend can call you on the phone, e-mail you, or even knock on your door and sternly tell you to get it done! It may seem annoying at first, but their oral recommendation coupled with your visual time management planner will definitely get you on the right track towards completing tasks.

Final Thoughts About How to Overcome Procrastination

Best result is that you learn how to overcome procrastination most of the time. The truth is the battles we wage with procrastination are usually an ongoing, lifelong battle. But if you really want to avoid procrastination - you need to take action now. Follow the recommendations in this article, they are no good to you just written on this webpage.

As Nikes famous slogan goes 'just do it!' so go on, get started now!

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