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Super Internet Time Management Tips for Online Entrepreneurs

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Working at home it is hard enough to manage your time. But when you are an online entrepreneur - the word distraction takes on a life of its own.

You have to battle...






And that's just the "work stuff"!!

This section of internet time management tips is specifically for you. People like me who build niche websites, are freelancers or go by the title "blogger". (Not an online entrepreneur? Read my story)

Internet Time Management Tips I Personally Use

There are some fantastic internet time management tips out there. These tips are things I personally do to reduce dramatically the time I spend working. As a bonus, I am actually much more productive and achieve better results...why? Read on...


My online vice is forums and occasionally youtube. So to monitor things I use a rewards system with myself. I can't go on forums or browse youtube until I have done at least one solidly productive thing with my sites.

If mucking around on facebook is your vice, make that your reward for doing some link building or writing another page.

Use a Timer

Regulars will know that I love my timer! If you are really struggling to get started on something productive set the timer for just 5 minutes. For those 5 minutes your only mission is to stay on task. Wow! That 5 minutes just flew by...

Ways I Use My Timer:

  • To remind myself to get off my butt now and again. It is so easy to sit glued to the computer monitor like your life depends on it, totally oblivious that your life depends on getting out of the chair! (Ok, so that was a little melodramatic. I care about your health, sitting still for long periods of time is bad for you.)

  • To squash a task I have been procrastinating about. Usually the things we procrastinate about really don't take that long, so set the timer for a reasonable amount of time and get to it. Don't worry, it will all be over in 5, 10 or 20 minutes.

  • To monitor my time on forums. Identify your time sucks. Whether it is twitter (I still don't really get twitter!!), facebook, forums or youtube assign them reasonable amount of time and stick to it. This can be either for the whole day, the week or your reward time. The most I ever set it for personally is 30 minutes, but more often 10.

    Think About Others.

    I'm not as good in this area as I would like to be. I tend to get quite absorbed in what I am doing and interruptions are most unwelcome. (Lucky Billy is a patient guy...) However the fact is, spending dawn til dusk online can have a negative effect on others. Spouses get irritated, and children feel neglected. Have a computer turn on and turn off time.

    Be Open to Outsourcing.

    There is nothing wrong with doing everything yourself in your online business. But often there comes a point where you are ready to hand over some of the boring but necessary tasks. I personally have outsourced directory submissions, content writing and a few other tasks. My husband has a full-time content writer who he lends me sometimes to help out with my sites. I share my outsourcing experiences here.

    A Few More Internet Time Management Tips

    We are all individuals, and just because something works beautifully for me it doesn't mean it will for you. Here are a few more time management tips, that I follow more loosely, but other online entrepreneurs swear by them!!

    Have a Set Work Time

    Having a set work time and letting your family know about it can help you have more uninterrupted work time. However one of the reasons I work online from home is the flexibility it gives me. I still have a basic regular routine/schedule but I am not afraid to change it and do something different if the need arises!

    Keep the Internet Turned Off

    Internet time management can be a challenge! Maybe you are best to do tasks that do not require the use of the internet before getting lost in the world wide web. I tell you the truth I don't often turn the internet off. If I am forced too, I do seem to get a calm, pleasant feeling you can only get when you are not being assaulted by distractions and flashy things. Maybe I should turn the internet off more often!

    Recognize If You Have an Internet Addiction

    I am not going to go into the nitty gritty of internet addictions. But like any addiction they can have a negative impact on your life! If you feel you may have an internet problem please seek help.

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