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Learning Time Management
Stuck at Ready Set - What Type of Procrastinator Are You?

You are Ready.

You are Set.

All you need to do now is Go!

Perfectionism gets in the way of all kinds of things, and learning time management is one of them. You have the skills, you have the know-how to start managing your time better today - you just need to get started.

What Type of Procrastinator Are You?

1. You have an extensive time management planner. It has sticky notes, events, birthdays and when the bills are due. You have even color-coded it for easy reference - there is green for work, blue for home chores and orange for special events.

The only problem?? You just cant stick to your plans, you never have enough time and every time you mess up your schedule slightly the whole plan goes out the window.

Action Steps: Realize that trying to follow a super detailed schedule is doomed to failure. Let go of having to do everything perfectly and start simple. Decide on one thing that will help your day the most and work on that habit, then start on the next and so forth.

2. The eternal procrastinator. I know you well, because I used to be you! Right now you are procrastinating about actually doing what you need to do by reading articles on time management...

learning time management
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Action Steps: Do your short list of need to dos before you turn on the computer, watch TV or whatever your vice is. Using a timer is my personal favorite. Just set it for 5 minutes (or 15 if you are up to it) and start working on your task. After all starting is the hardest part!

3. You would describe yourself as free spirited, and you don't like the notion of being tied down... to anything. You think time management sounds like a good idea in theory, but isn't really "you". But you realize you need some serious help to get your backlog of tasks done, and you are craving some guilt-free fun time.

Would it surprise you to know that me, the owner of a time management website (a subject notorious for inducing yawns!) is location independent, and is traveling around the world while running an online business? I am not exactly the 9-5 stereotype either, but time management is life management... Done right it means you get to do the things you love more of the time.

Action Steps: Get over your fear of sounding boring by renaming time management into something fun. Prioritize the most important things, make a list and just try to spend a certain time period a day working on your list. The rest of the day is yours to enjoy however you like!

Make Learning Time Management Fun!

It sounds a bit cheesy, but if you make things into games - somehow they do not seem so drab and boring anymore. For your essential tasks you cannot outsourse, challenge yourself. Can you fold that massive pile of laundry before the adbreak? Can you finish the housework before your favorite CD finishes? How many things can you tick off your to-do list in 30 minutes?

Last but not least - learn from Nike. Just do it!

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