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What You Didn't Know About Life Skills and Time Management

What do you consider to be critical life skills? Time management is closely tied to the basic life skill of knowing yourself, being true to yourself, having a personal belief system, acceptance and having an open mind. How so?

By managing your time you are really managing your life.

life skills time management - you are never too young to start
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Life Skills & Time Management - Answers to the What, When, Where, How, Who and Why

What is a Life Skill?

A life skill is something that is very beneficial to living a happy and balanced life.

Why is Time Management an Important Life Skill?

The whole concept of time management is a bit of a myth. The reality is that we cannot manage time. A more accurate description would be life management, or task management.

Being able to prioritize and organize your life and tasks in a practical manner you will begin to experience the benefits of time management. One of the big advantages effectively managing your days is it gives you a balanced life.

Who wouldn't want that?

Where Can I Find Information About Life Skills & Time Management?

All sorts of places!! We live in the information age; so the issue is not so much where can you find out about time management, but rather where can you find good information sources. A few points to bear in mind: not all information is good, and time management is not a "one size fits all" type of thing. You may find that you create your own time management system by using ideas from all sorts of different places.

Some places you can find tips to manage your day better: right here at Taming Time, books, eBooks, audio books, websites and blogs, seminars and time management courses.

How Can I Start Learning Time Management Skills?

Educate yourself. Use the resources mentioned above to teach yourself, also find out what the first step is to learning time management skills.

Who is Responsible for My Time Management?

You are.

As an added point you can't control other peoples lack of skills, so you need to learn coping mechanisms for when other peoples time management lets you down.

When Should I Start Managing My Time?

If you are not actively doing so - you need to start right now. It is never to early to start, teach your kids how to manage their day too. They will thank you later!

I have very productive days often, but end up procrastinating when I am finished with everything that I need to do in the immediate time frame. How can I motivate myself to complete more tasks than what is absolutely necessary?

- Monica: Teacher

Where to Next?

Further your education into this life skill. Absorb all the information you can find like a sponge, and really get to know it. Start applying the things you learn into your life and start to feel the difference it begins to make on how you feel

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