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Tackle Your Procrastinating Patterns
Visitors Overcoming Procrastination Tips

This is where you guys get to have your say, share your procrastination problems and your best ways to avoid procrastination. Not being able to overcome procrastination stinks! So we can all do with all the help we can get

So what can you include?

  • Your tricks for how to avoid procrastination
  • Did you manage to stop procrastinating as a student/employee?
  • Do you have a surefire cure for procrastination?
  • In your experience are depression and procrastination linked?
  • Share the answer to "Why do I procrastinate?"
  • What are the procrastination effects in your life?
  • Is procrastination a good or a bad thing? And why?

    PS. And now people, don't procrastinate about sharing... Consider participation your first step to curing your procrastination!

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