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Overcoming Procrastination

overcoming procrastination
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A little bit of procrastination is quite common, and nothing particularly to worry about.

However if you are a chronic procrastinator - you will be wanting to look at effective ways of overcoming procrastination.

Below you will find a guide to articles about procrastination, just scan down to find one that suits you!

Why do I procrastinate?

Everyone procrastinates about something. What is your Archilles heel when it comes to procrastination? Readers answer Why do I procrastinate? There is also a very clever video I found on youtube about why we procrastinate.

How to Avoid Procrastination

Tamng Time readers unite to create a list of 101 ways to avoid procrastination.

Chek out what other readers have shared as their effective ways to avoid procrastinating. You can even add your own!

Help With Procrastination

Practical help with procrastination.

What is the first step to take in your journey to overcoming procrastination? Well... you are about to take it - click to find the first step to beating procrastination. Have fun!

Causes of Procrastination and Overcoming Them (Part 1)

What are the causes of procrastination?

This section deals with 6 causes of procrastination with action steps to help cure your procrastination. The causes included in part 1 are: perfectionism, fear of failure, fatigue and tiredness, fear of confrontation and the inability to know where to start. If any of these sounds like you, head on over and get started with the action steps... do it now, and don't procrastinate!

Learn the Causes of Procrastination and Overcome It #1

Learn the Causes and Overcome Procrastination (Part 2)

Would you like to overcome procrastination?

This section looks at 6 different causes of procrastination and ideas for how to beat them. Practical action steps help you to overcome these causes. Part 2 looks at these causes: laziness, lack of time management, depression, disorganization, end result just doesn't seem worth it and the stress effect. Do these sound like you? Well what are you waiting for go and check it out!

Learn the Causes and Overcome Procrastination #2 (coming soon)

Procrastination Statistics

Curious about procrastination statistics?

Find the results to my procrastination survey and also the interesting finding of a procrastination study. Three guys looked into the causes of procrastination, their view on why we procrastinate is a little different to the conventional view... check that out at procrastination studies.

Procrastination Quotes

Quotes can be fun. Quotes can be motivating. Quotes can light a fire under... (well I am sure you get the picture!)

I have put together a group of my personal favorite procrastination quotes. You can check them out if you like. Also you might want to see what others in the TamingTime.com community shared as their favorite quote about procrastination. You can even add yours!

You Guys Share Your Tips for Overcoming Procrastination

Struggling with procrastinating?

You are not alone! Go and check out our little community of people beating procrastination. And you can beat procrastination! Check out some tips to beat procrastination from some of TamingTime.com's community. (Wise old bunch they are!)

If you have an idea for how to beat procrastination, don't forget to share your procrastination tip.

Effects of Procrastination

What are the effects of procrastination?

Procrastination can really take its toll. Your quality of life, health and peace of mind can even be affected. Stay informed and you will be well on your way to overcoming procrastination!

What You NEED TO know about the Effects of Procrastination

Depression and Procrastination

What is the link between depression and procrastination?

Depression stinks! And so does being stuck in a continual cycle of procrastination and depression. What can you do about it?

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