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Interview With Peter Clemens from The Change Blog

Meet Peter Clemens from The Change Blog (TCB) folks. I was excited when Peter agreed to an interview here at Taming Time. I have been a reader of The Change Blog for a while now, and the message TCB shares really resonates with me. TCB started with Peters way of expressing personal change in his own life, it has now extending to include guest authors sharing their messages of how changes have affected their lives.

I have found TCB encourages me to keep moving forward in my life, not just going through the motions. As it is a blog, there is interaction with the readers through the comments, where readers can express how a certain change has impacted them.

So lets get to know the real Peter Clemens...

Michelle: Hi Peter, thank you for speaking with us today.  Please take this time to introduce yourself, your blog - The Change Blog and anything else that our readers might find relevant and interesting.

Peter: Hi Michelle, it's a pleasure to be doing this interview. I'm a 27-year old guy who is married and has two boys aged 1 and 3. I'm originally from Perth, Australia, but I moved to Vancouver, Canada, in July 2007 (my wife Kathryn is from Vancouver). I created The Change Blog in April 2007 to share my story of personal change. After a year of blogging I opened the door so that others could also share their stories.

peter clemens with family
Peter Clemens with his wife and his two sons.

Michelle: On The Change Blog you mention your personal mission statement, can you share with us what a personal mission statement is and how this has helped create positive change in your life?

Peter: A personal mission statement is written statement that defines who you are and how you will live. I was inspired to write my statement while reading Stephen R. Covey's classic 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I must admit I normally skip exercises in personal development books, but on this occasion I decided to take some time to write one out. Click here if you would like to read my personal mission statement.

Writing a personal mission statement gave me clarity and a greater sense of purpose. It forced me to think about my priorities and how I would align my actions with my beliefs. I highly recommend the exercise for anyone who is wanting to change their life. As Dr. Covey writes, "The key to the ability to change is a changeless sense of who you are, what you are about and what you value."

Michelle: The Change Blog revolves around the changes we as people can make in our lives for the better. You are not the only author of the change blog, what qualities do you look for in guest writers for TCB?

Peter: I look for articles that are interesting and well-written. I'm particularly interested in reading stories of personal change. For example:

  • Following My Heart (All the Way to Mexico...)
  • Breaking Open
  • Changing Habits: From Workaholic to Achievement Junkie to Husband, Father, and Friend

    That being said, I'm very open when it comes to topics and styles of writing. If anyone reading this interview is interested in contributing an article they can email me at peter [at] thechangeblog.com.

    Michelle: Taming Time is all about effective ways to manage your time. As you are a successful blogger, family man, with many other commitments how do you prioritize and manage your time successfully?

    Peter: Family is my first priority, so when I'm not at my full-time job I try to spend as much time as possible with my wife and kids.

    Most of the blogging I do is between 5-6am (ie when my wife and kids are asleep). I focus on the most important tasks (eg content) and try not to get too caught up with things like Twitter which can be a real time suck. Don't get me wrong, I like Twitter and think it is important for bloggers to have a presence on there, but if you have limited time online there are usually more productive ways to spend it.

    Michelle: You mention that in 2007 you made the move from Australia to Canada. How has that big change affected you? Do you think you would ever move back to Australia?

    Peter: Well I first came to Canada in 03-04 for a year after finishing university. I think this first trip had a bigger impact because it really opened my eyes to the endless possibilities the world offers. It showed me that life could be an amazing adventure if I chose to see it that way. And, of course, this is when I met my wife.

    When I returned to Canada in 2007 I had already lived in Canada so I had a good idea of what to expect. The changes I have experienced have been less to do with living in another country, and more to do with fatherhood, marriage and my career.

    Would I ever move back to Australia? Of course. Australia is an awesome place to live, and living overseas has only made me appreciate it more. But it will be a few years before we consider doing this. We bought our first house last year and are happy where we are for the time being.

    Michelle: Last question! What change has had the biggest impact in your life so far? How have you managed adjusting to this new situation?

    Peter: That's an easy one - becoming a father. Despite reading a number of books on parenting before my son was born, nothing could really prepare me for the experience. I've just learnt as I've gone along. My priorities have had to change, but that's ok as I love spending time with my two boys. Like any type of change, I've found that it is best to embrace what is happening rather than resist it.

    Well folks - that was Peter Clemens from The Change Blog. Peters blog can help you to explore making positive changes in your life. Make use of the links throughout the interviews to go and check TCB out.

    Thank you Peter once again for agreeing to an interview, and sharing a picture of your lovely family with us. All the best with your blog and future endeavors.

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