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Procrastination Humor: Time Management Jokes About Procrastinating

Looking for a little procrastination humor? You will find time management jokes about procrastinating written by the witty readers of Taming Time (and a few lame ones from me!). Don't be shy! Join in by clicking on the "add your own comment" button.

Here's a little procrastination humor from me to get things started...

1. A true procrastinator doesn't shovel snow, a true procrastinator knows that the snow will melt...eventually!

2. A champion procrastinator has piles of unfinished hobby projects, because a champion procrastinator is always looking for that new hobby or project but has never completed even just one.

3. A skilled procrastinator lives just before the last minute. How so? The skilled procrastinator is so busy catching up they never make it to the last minute!

For real help with procrastinating visit overcoming procrastination.

However if you are looking to have some fun share your procrastination joke with us. Please keep your procrastination humor and time management jokes clean, thank you...

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Procrastination Humor: Time Management Jokes About Procrastinating

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Procrastination Joke
by: Greg

The early bird may get the worm, but it's the second mouse that gets the cheese.

by: Cynthia

What do you call a place where people never get anything done? ProcrastiNATION

by: Natasha

I was going to write my dissertation on the subject of procrastination, but I could not get started.

Putting Things Off
by: Dave

I asked my son to read an article I had found on the subject of procrastinating. He said, "I'll look at it tomorrow."

by: Tony Wright

I'd like to be a procrastinator, but I just can't bring myself to do it!

A True Procrastinator Test
by: Abder

If you buy a self help book , apply what's recommending and make an end to your procrastination , that only means you're not a true procrastinator.

by: Mykal94

I'll do it now. I'll procrastinate later.

by: Ellen

I put the "pro" in procrastination

procrastination is happiness
by: Anonymous

i am sorry to cure your procrastination

procrastination is just priority.

by: Anonymous

procrastinators gather! tomorrow.

Subject: Overcoming Procrastination
by: DeBorah

I am writing a research paper that is due in two hours. Subject: Overcoming Procrastination.

by: Anonymous

I have finals this week but can't stop reading procrastination jokes....FML

by: Anonymous

Procrastination? hum? ill look it up tomorow, INCEPTION!!!

Will it ever end?
by: Luna

I don't have a joke about procrastination because I'm too busy procrastinating.

ancient chinese secret
by: catChowmang

procastination is the paralizing affect of fear

by: Jordan Gates

Did you know the National Procrastinator Convention has been postponed two years in a row?

by: Anonymous

best job worth doing is worth doing in two years

by: Anonymous

Procrastinators UNITE, Tomorrow

3 keys to prorastination
by: Anonymous

I was going to write a post about "3 KEYS TO AVOIDING PROCRASTINATION" but its just going to have to wait

mabey later
by: Anonymous

i was going to post a joke here but ill do it later.

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