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Is the Humble To-Do List Your Secret Project Time Management Weapon?


Project time management is absolutely essential for any worker in the office. Not only does proper management of your time result in increased productivity for your employer but it also makes you look good. You are organized and able to accomplish more.

Sometimes simple time management techniques work the best. Learn to use these basics effectively and you will become skilled at managing your time.

All About Chunks

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How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time!

This joke is a well known one in time management circles, but the point is still valid. In order to take on a big project, breaking it down into smaller manageable chunks really helps.

Creating Lists

One easy way to manage your time is to create a list of mini-tasks for yourself. A lot of people think that they do not need to write down their tasks, but writing is incredibly effective.

Writing down the things you need to do will give you a clear idea of upcoming tasks, and give you an opportunity to sort tasks by priority ensuring the most urgent tasks are completed. Having a written to-do list also allows you the great satisfaction of being able to cross tasks off as they are completed.

Keep a Record of How Long Tasks Actually Take

Now that you know exactly how much you have to do with your newly created to-do list, a good task in project management is to look through your task list and evaluate how much time it takes to do each task. This can be tricky though because it takes a lot of experience to know exactly how much time it takes to do a task.

If you haven't done this before, you might benefit from recording a time management log. Accurately recording the time it takes to do regular tasks will help you to keep your to-do list at a manageable level.

Use Your List Properly

After writing down the amount of time it takes next to your task list, you know exactly what you have to do for the day. If this seems incredibly overwhelming, a way to prioritize is to look at the deadlines for each of these tasks. If it helps, you can also write down the deadlines next to each task.

Now you can see every task you have to accomplish, the amount of time that you think is estimated to finish the job and when each task is due. Knowing deadlines is incredibly useful hen deciding how to prioritize your to-do list.

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