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Teen Time Management
Tips for Success

Managing your time well is a skill that will serve you well throughout your life.

If you are a teen struggling to "fit it all in", check out these time management tips just for you.

teen time management
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  • Spend a little time educating yourself about time management.
  • Use a time management log to find out what your time wasters are.
  • Make a weekly schedule and include all the important things to you in it.
  • Go to bed earlier and get up earlier. Use that extra time in the morning to do homework or chores so then you have more free time later on.

  • Use the time you commute to school and back for revision or homework
  • If your home is noisy or distracting go to the library to do your homework.
  • Keep you things organized, stop losing books and homework assignments.
  • Don't be either to focused on your social life or to focused on your studies. Being a teenager is about the whole experience.

  • Use a homework diary, and break large assignments into smaller chunks.
  • Turn your phone off during homework time, the distractions will make it take longer.
  • Check how your schedule is going once a week, adjust as necessary.
  • Use one or two lunch times a week to get a head start on your homework.

  • Get a study buddy. It will be easier to be responsible for your time management skills with a friend. Agree to do a certain amount of homework/study together and then do something fun together as your reward.

    Do you have any teen time management tips to share?

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