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What's Holding You Back From Effective Time Management at Home?

Home is for relaxing right?

A lot of the time it sure doesn't seem like it!! There are groceries to buy, food to cook, bathrooms to clean and errands to run. Phew!! That's a lot of stuff... and did I mention that this is often on top of a full working week!!

Do you do any of these things?

time management at home
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Common Problem Areas Related To Time Management at Home

Let the Chores Build Up

There is almost nothing worse than facing a huge list of chores that should have been done yesterday. Being stuck in a never-ending cycle of procrastinating about chores around the house is not a pleasant place to be!!

It can be overwhelming when faced with a endless amount of chores. But there is no need to be overwhelmed! From today, do todays task today. To "catch up" spend 15 minutes each day doing clutter control to get your task list back on track.

Putting Off Follow Up Tasks Because They Are Difficult

This refers to tasks where you need to ring a particular business or person during office hours. This is especially an issue for those that work outside the home, as they are not home during regular work hours. This can lead to a lot of mental pressure.

What can you do about it? A few options are to delegate the follow up phone call to another family member, ring during your lunch hour or get an assistant. (More information about affordable virtual assistants.)

Limited Housekeeping Knowledge

There are fast efficient ways to cook and clean. This can be a bit of a touchy subject but depending on your upbringing you may actually not be very good at cooking and cleaning. The good news is - it ain't rocket science! You can learn to clean correctly and efficiently and cook healthy scrummy meals!!

"How can I reduce the time it takes to clean the kitchen? No matter what we do, it seems it always takes forever to get it clean."

- Ali: Housewife

There are free resources online you can utilise to learn how to clean better, and how to cook yummy simple meals quickly.

Another option is to pay someone to come in to do the cooking and cleaning. Try advertising locally or through craiglist.

Lack of Balance

Maybe you are efficient at managing your household. But you could still be not managing your home time well. Huh?

You need to have balance. It's great that the house sparkles, the meals you serve are fantastic... but your partner and kids still need some time with you. Make sure you maintain that slippery life balance at home too!

"As a woman who works full time how do you get everything that needs to be done at work and at home and find time for yourself?"

- Dorita: Security

A Few Quick Tips for Time Management at Home

Reword these tips

  • A place for everything, and everything in it's place.
    Make sure everything has a "home". Stop searching for your purse everytime you need to go out!

  • Don't try to do it all, ask for help.
    Get your kids to help, get your spouse to help. Or hire someone to help with the cooking and cleaning.

  • Shop smarter (one of the best time management at home tips).
    Save time by shopping online for your groceries. You can also shop for hard goods at amazon as well. (And often they have free shipping.)

  • Learn more about time management at home.
    Be sure to read 15 Top Time Management Tips Exclusively For Homemakers

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