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Time Management Facts You Simply Can't Avoid

What is time management? Taming Time's definition of time management is : "The act of consciously choosing how your time is spent." But really time management is bigger than that. Time management means creating life balance. Isn't that something we are all striving for?

"Well arranged time is the surest mark of a well arranged mind."

- Sir Isaac Pitman

Here are some time management facts to get the ball rolling towards your time management success!!

Time Management Is...

...a concept.

time management facts
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...about life balance.

...about overcoming procrastination.

...about setting priorities.

...about setting goals.

...about achieving goals.

...is a really boring sounding corporate term. (So why do I use it?)

Time Management Gives...

...you freedom.

...you a higher quality of life.

...you contentment.

Time Management Makes...

...successful people.

...life simpler.

...you less stressed.


Time management will not make you better looking. Sorry!

Time Management Facts You Can't Avoid

TV hinders your time management.

Internet hinders your time management.

Lack of focus hinders your time management.

Other people hinder your time management.

Time management is a very corporate word. The truth is - time management is so much more than stuffy business people locked in offices. It is a way of living your life with meaning and purpose - ensuring that you achieve life balance.

Learning time management skills starts now! Check out these time management tips to get you started with the basics. For the more ambitious time management student start a time journal to find out exactly where you are spending your time, so you can better plan you day.

"Is it better to write things down and follow a list or to block out time and just let the tasks flow as they will?"

- Janice: Higher Education Administrator

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