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Time Management for Children
The Kid vs. Homework Battle Ends Now!

time management for children
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Stop battling with your kids about homework!

How can you teach your children about managing their time and getting their home work done? Some methods are more effective than others. Check out these time management tips for kids - from parents just like you.

Homework Time Management Tips from Parents

Reward System

Many parents choose to reward their kids for doing their homework, are you for or against it?

"When the kids get home from school they have a light snack and then they need to work on homework. Once the homework is finished then they can go outside to play or watch a little television. This way the homework is done prior to them doing any other activities that they want and they will make sure they are managing their time properly."

- Father of a 9, 11 and 14 year old

I would love to hear your views, share them at readers time management tips for kids.


Depending on the age of the child, you could use a timer for homework time management for children.

" At our house, we like to use an egg timer on certain homework tasks for our ten year old son. This works well for small tasks. For large tasks such as projects and posters, we have him break down the assignment into smaller tasks and try to do a few a day until completion of the assignment as a whole."

- Father of a ten year old son.

Be Consistent

Consistancy with teaching time management for children is important.

" I show my child time management skills by enforcing the rules that homework is done immediately after school. If becomes a habit after approxmitately 3 weeks. My child knows my rules and know there must be an excellent reason for exceptions."

- Father of 3 (ages 15, 33 & 38).

"They start their homework at 4 pm every evening, and they know that they will get done in time to enjoy the evening and have fun with family and friends."

- Father of 11 year old.

Lead By Example

Kids learn a lot from what you do rather than what you say.

" One of the best ways to show a young child good time management skills is to lead by example. For instance, read a book instead of watching tv, and you will teach the child that homework reading assignments are important. You can also teach good time management by being sure to show up on time for appointments. Another way to teach good time management is to be involved with your child, and know what they are learning. If you have a good idea what homework your child has, you can track how well they are managing it."

- Father of 11 year old girl.

Chart System

Time management charts can be effective for kids and homework.

"Ask the child to list out all the homework and then explain him which one should be done at first. Make the child to finish the easy writing work. A time chart can be given to him so that he do his work within the time limit."

- Father of twin 8 year old boys.

"Tables and charts. For younger kids stickers and rewards for successful homework time management are excellent."

- Father of a 7 year old son.

Time Management for Children: How Kids Learn Essential Skills

As a parent, I am sure you also have some valuable tips about how to teach kids time management. Share those with the readers of TamingTime.com. It's easy and you don't need to sign up or share your email adress. Go to time management for children.

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