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What Does Time Management for Kids Mean?

First things first: When we are talking about time management for children we are referring to a healthy way to teach kids time management. (We are not talking about "helicopter parenting", parents who feel the need to micro-manage everything their kids do.)

time management for kids
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  • Why should I teach time management skills to my child?
  • How do I teach my child time management?
  • How much choice should my child have on their own time?

    All very good questions!!

    Time management for kids means that you are teaching kids time management. Showing them how to allot time to do their homework for example within a period of time each day and giving time to pray, eat, play, and making their bed all within a certain period of time.

    - Sharlene: Older Sister

    Why Should I Teach Time Management Skills to My Child?

    Time management for kids is an important life lesson.

    Managing time effectively is a foundation life skill. You could rephrase time management as managing oneself, as we cannot change time but we can change/direct ourselves.

    Time management for kids means the planning of their daily schedule as regards the time for wakeup, morning studies, getting ready for school after the routine bathing and breakfast, an hour's rest after the school time and after they have their refreshments, then playtime and then doing the homework, time to watch T.V., to have dinner and the time to go to sleep. If time management for kids is followed in a systematic manner, the kids become disciplined in life when they grow up on their own.

    - Dee: Mother of Two Boys Ages 11 & 24

    How Do I Teach My Child Time Management?

    How long is a piece of string? There are many effective (and less effective) ways to teach time management to children.

    As a parent I am sure you are familiar with the expression "do as I say, not as I do". This means do the things I tell you to do, but don't follow my example. Many parents don't say those words, but that is how they act - expecting their child to do certain things, but the parent does not do them themselves...

    Teaching time management is the same. The most effective way to teach your child to manage time - is to have good time management in your own life. Kids learn a lot from the example of their parents. What can you do beyond leading by example? There is lots you can do.

    How Much Choice Should My Child Have On Their Own Time?

    As a child gets older, they should have more and more responsibility over their time. The younger a child is the more guidance they will need. Remember that your role as parents is to raise a healthy, happy child that can function in this world. And time management is a big part of successful functioning.

    Remember: No mollycoddling!! Do not stifle your child by micro-managing their life becoming a helicopter parent. You may be surprised at just how capable your child is at managing their own time!

    If you have any first hand tips for helping children learn time management, please share them with us at your time management tips for kids. You may also benefit from what other peoples tips. Feel free to check out what other people have submitted as tips for teaching time management to children.

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