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Effective Time Management for Teens
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Two of the greatest challenges a teen faces are procrastination and self-discipline. Time management skills are just as critical for teenagers as it is for teachers, for managers and for mothers.

The balancing act of juggling demands from parents, teacher and friends can be a challenge for a teenager. Many are stepping up to the challenge as they realize that time management is an essential life skill. A teens needs to fit in schoolwork, extra-curricular activities, chores and sometimes even an after school job... not to mention have a social life!

Teens can and should be encouraged to manage their own time. It will be a skill that will help their university studies, find a better job and generally have a brighter, more successful future.

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  • Time Management for Teens: Know thy Self

    One excellent lesson to learn in the teen years is to allow them to make important decisions. Let them make some decisions regarding their own schedule. Maybe start off with something small and if they handle this responsibly, gradually introduce more independence into their lives. Allow your teen to experience the consequences now and again, so they can learn from the experience.

    Teens are soon going to be young adults, responsible for their own time and schedules. It is important to help lay the ground work by helping them find a good time management system. Keep the communication open with your teen, and make sure they do not have an overloaded schedule.

  • Time Management for Teens: Know thy Plan

    The best way to figure out things for the day is to plan ahead. Motivate your teen in outlining short-term and long-term objectives. Work off a schedule with all the activities for next day, for the week and for the month. Planning in advance should come the night before or before your teen starts the day. Big chunks of work should be disintegrated into tidbits for easy manageability.

  • Time Management for Teens: Know What to Do

    Your teen should know how to stop procrastination. The minute they identify that they are procrastinating, let them STOP IMMEDIATELY and take control of their time, not the other way around! Talk it out with them about the consequences of the habit. Encourage them to find time management strategies that work for them.

    Technology seems to have become a part of everyones lives. Teens can easily spend hours and hours using technology. Instead of technology helping, technology can be a hindrance to your teens time management. Discuss reasonable time limits for technology, and encourage your teen to self monitor their technology usage.

    Decrease distractions by ensuring an orderly, well-lit, well-ventilated, and distraction-free environment in which to do homework, projects, and studying.

  • Time Management for Teens: Know How to Do It

    Student time management should demand proper prioritization. Indicate what's important and what's urgent with what's not essential. Divide such demands. This will help them to decide upon which activities is necessary and which are of more niceties. Be sure to instill flexibility on their schedules as the demands of the real world are constantly changing.

    Remember that being human always requires the basic needs of life - sleeping, eating, exercising, socializing, and other important aspects of being healthy. Don't fill a schedule so much that these vital parts of life are cut out.

  • Time Management for Teens: Know When to Do It

    Your teen may want to experiment with different time management tools to find the best fit for them. If your teen has been having trouble getting essential tasks done like homework and chores encourage them to keep a time management log to track how they are currently spending their time.

    Once you know how they are spending their time, you can help them to create a schedule that will fit their needs. Your teen is an individual, and they want to manage their time differently to you. Allow your teenager to grow by encouraging them to develop their own time management systems and techniques - this will be the most effective way your teen will learn.

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