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Creating the Ideal Time Management Lesson Plan

Teaching schedules are often tight, and every school hour counts. Efficient lesson planning ensures that students are well prepared for their exams and future classes. There are a lot of demands on both the teacher and the students time. How these demands are managed determines how stressful the school year will be.

Time management is a valuable life skill a teacher can pass onto their students. A few tips and pointers will help your students be organized, focused and optimize their class hours, and you the teacher will retain the joy and pleasure of teaching.

In order to be successful, you will need a time management lesson plan.

What is a Time Management Lesson Plan?

It is your blueprint to presenting a successful time management class. You will teach your students to manage their time, and explain why time management is important.

Here are some ideas for things to include:

  • A practical talk on the importance of time management. You as the teacher could take students through situations where smart time management can lead to greater efficiency and less stress.

  • You could include simple, time-bound exercises for students that teach skills like prioritizing, and demonstrate the value of managing time well.

  • Make it fun with group exercises, where ticking timers, countdowns and other enjoyable techniques highlight the how efficient a person can be when they are aware of the true time it takes to do a task.

    The Importance of a Sharing Time Management Skills With Students

    Young students often have a lot to do in very less time. In today's day and age, they are inherently experts of multitasking, often juggling texting, video-gaming and listening to music at the same time! However, multitasking doesn't necessarily mean effective time management.

    Time management is life management. Students will benefit greatly from learning this life skill at such a young age.

    Making this lesson a priority, and early in the school year could help you to set the tone for an enjoyable and successful school year. You will be able to implement time management systems and exercises into your usual daily schedule.

    Essence of Time

    In a world where information is aplenty, but attention rare, time management is a great skill to impart to students. An occasional reminder/refresher lesson on time management will help students become more productive and efficient.

    You as the teacher can lead your students to manage their time better by example. Remember to make your time management lessons interesting. You can include personal insights, encourage intelligent discussions and debate and fun challenges using a timer.

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