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Learn These 5 Time Management Lessons The Easy Way (and Save Some Money Too!)

Sometimes there are things beyond our control that result in being late, losing money or some other negative consequence. However there are plenty more negative (and stressful) outcomes that we have control over. What are they? And how can we put these time management lessons to use in our own lives?

Lesson: Organize Your Bills to be Paid Online

Why: In this day and age - there is no excuse for late bills. You can set up to have your bills paid automatically or just make the payment through your online bank. How does this save you money - no more late fees!!

If you are still battling with checks, stamps and envelopes to pay your bills - this is one time management lesson you can't afford to ignore!

Lesson: Get in the Habit of Being Ready on Time

Why: By being ready on time, you don't have to resort to more expensive transportation just to be on time. By missing your bus or train you are setting yourself up for an expensive time as these two experiences show:

"I frequently miss the bus, because I don't plan enough time in the morning to get ready. Then I have to drive into the city, and pay for parking, or else I'll be late for work. If I managed my time I'd save a lot by taking the bus."

- Susie

"My bus leaves at 8 am sharp. I became late and missed the bus. I had to go by taxi that is so expensive."

- Stephanie

Lesson: Return Your Library Books on Time!

Why: This one I am entirely guilty of, and trust me those fees add up fast!! Make a note of when your books are due back on your calendar or planner to remind you. Make the date a few days early if you are particularly bad at returning your books...

Lesson: KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid!

Why: Save money by not trying to invest in to many things at once. Spreading your time and money too thin can result in a loss of income and time. Check out the lesson this student learned:

"I am student recently completed my graduation, and I selected internet as a income source to me. I signed up to several ptc, ptr, paid mail sites, an given an investment in my online jobs, due to lack of time I concentrated only on online ptc programs, and I lost all the deposits and investments kept on other programs."

- Mark: Self-employed Student

Lesson: Be Organized and a Good Worker

Why: Lack of time management can cost you big time at work. If you are bad at time management and your actions result in a loss to the company you could experience a loss in work hours or even have your employment terminated. Ouch - that would really hurt the pocket!!

Here is a candid account from someone who learned his time management lesson well:

"My lack of time management cost me hours at work. I didn't get the work that needed to be completed finished and was cut back on my hours since I was viewed as irresponsible at the time."

- Damien: Sales Associate

What time management lessons have you learned? Share with us at talking about time management.

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