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What Can a Time Management Log Can Do For You?

A successful time management log will allow you to attain life balance. The time journals specific purpose is to show you where you are spend time. Learn what areas of your life need a time makeover, identify problem areas and find out when you are most productive. Your time management journal will allow you to root out bad habits, learn to reduce the time unpleasant tasks take and how to attain more time for fun stuff.

time management log
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"I never seem to have enough time to complete all of my daily chores as well as spend enough time with my family."

- Kristy: Housewife

Simply a time management log is a tool to help you find out where you use your time.

A Time Journal Records

  • How you are currently spending your time.
  • When you are most productive.
  • When you are most distracted.
  • Puts a spotlight on your personal time wasters.
  • Helps you get started on your journey to better time management.

    Time Logs: The Who, What, When, Where, Why and How

    Simply put, you get out of your time tacking log what you put in. If you are going to do a slack job of it - you are better off doing something else! (Just the truth people...) Here is the ABC guide to time journals.


    Time tracking log is personal - I am officially putting you in charge of your own time journal.


    A time management log is a record of what you spend your time on. You use the information about how you really spend your time, to make a new time management plan for yourself. A time management journal will help you to identify your personal time leaks, when you are most productive and what you do to kill time.


    To be effective the minimum amount of time you should keep a time journal is 3 days. Keeping on for a week is prefrable.


    Your time tracking journal becomes your best friend. It should be where you are at all times. Dutifully record things as they happen to get the most out of it.


    Going cold turkey and starting a new time management system is touch. I won't lie to you - most people don't make it. By creating a time management log you will be better equipped to ease into your new time management routine - that suits you. It is also hard to plan what you need to do, when you first don't know what you spend your time on!


    First off - I am not a fan of big elaborate time management activities...

    The simpler you keep your time log the more likely you are to stick with it, therefore you will get the most benefit by KISS (keeping it simple stupid, for those of you who have been living under a rock). make sure to record all activities in your life - the goal is to make your time management better across the board not just at work.

    Tips to help you with your time journal:

  • Record everyday
  • Keep it on you
  • Don't wait until the end of the day to fill it in
  • Remember to include interruptions
  • Include all your time, work home and recreation (for recreation just block out when that was and how long)

    For those of you intent on making things a little more complicated - try to include a system for marking priorities (ABC, Red Blue Yellow etc). Make brief comments to review later about how a particular task went felt good and productive, or lethargic and distracted (more related to work) this is not necessary, but recommended.

    I was going to share with you an excerpt from my personal time journal, BEFORE I got my time sorted out... But I seem to have lost it... well lets just say - wow was I a time waster, and boy did I not even realize what I had been missing out on for all that time! Warning over the top sounding statement coming up: learning to effectively manage my time changed my life, and it all started with a time log.

    What Do You Do With Your Time Tracking Journal Next?

    Learn from it what your strengths and weaknesses are regarding time management. Play to your time management strengths and don't stress so much over your weaknesses.

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