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9 Powerful Time Management Tips for Students

time management tips for students
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As a student one of the most important life skills you will need to learn is time management. Effectively managing your time will allow you handle multiple classes, work, campus activities and social obligations.

These time management tips for students are just a start on the things you can do to manage your time better.

Plan Plan Plan

Plan your semester and what you want to get out of it. Then move a little closer - plan your weeks, and then your days. Make sure you are allowing a reasonable amount of time for study and revision. The other danger is scheduling too much study. How so? Scheduling too much study often puts a lot of pressure on you and most times you cannot live up to an intense schedule very well.

Say NO!

When you are a student you will find that many different people will make demands on your time. Asking you to do this, or to do that. Learn the value of saying "no" while you are a student and you will find the road ahead much easier.

Utilize Time

Do you travel to your place of study? Use that time to do quick revisions and study sessions. When you have a spare time block (anything more than 5 minutes is enough) look over your notes, or prepare yourself for the next class. This is when the expression "a little often" comes into play. You will find when exams roll around by looking at your notes regularly you retain more information.

Review Your Study Notes Each Day

This will keep the information fresh in your mind. And you wont be trying to do all-night cram sessions like most others right before your student exams. Try jotting down your notes at the end of each class, and then turning each subjects notes into a mind map at the end of the week. Mind maps make revision easy.

Stop Trying to Burn the Candle at Both Ends

If you are studying by day and partying by night ... you may find your studies start to suffer. Humans don't fare well when it comes to sleep deprivation! You may want to try limiting how late your social life goes a bit to help keep you refreshed and ready to learn.

Set Time Boundaries

Establish a routine with typical study times. Let your friends (and family) know that between 6pm and 8pm you would appreciate it if they wouldn't ring. This way you have a period of uninterrupted time where you can study, and still have time for social activities later on!

Establish Your Reasons

Why are you studying? Why are you studying to be whatever it is that you are studying? By consciously acknowledging your reasons for studying it will help you to plan and prioritize your days better.

Be Organized

Organization and time management are closely linked. Have a set place for everything and keep your study notes tidy. This means that you don't have to spend an hour tearing apart your dorm room because you lost your keys, or some important notes.

Keep Flexible

Things happen. You get sick, your car breaks down. It happens. Have a flexible schedule and have a plan "b" if possible. You will find it easier to maintain a flexible schedule if you keep on top of assignments and other responsibilities.

I am involved in many organizations and clubs at school. I never know if I'm spending too much time with work for my organizations over my classes. I know classes are important, but the organizations are for good causes too. How do you choose one over the other? I mean I still get decent grades, but I could be spending more time on my school work.

- Patrick: College Student

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