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I thought it would be good to have a resource where lots of different people shared what time management techniques work for them. So a little while ago I asked the readers of Taming Time to share ways that they keep their time in check, what works for them and what doesn't.

This page has the answers to "What is your best time management tip, and why?"

Enjoy these time management tips free to you from some of Taming Time readers...

Time Management Tips, Have a Plan


"My best time management tip is to make a daily schedule. This would include activities & responsibilities for the day (and evening). This eliminates having to run around trying to get things done unsuccessfully (as long as the schedule is realistic)and also ensures that you don't forget anything you need to do. "

"Some of the things I do to manage my time effectively are: (a) I prioritize my tasks so that I work on the ones that are really important to me; (b) I plan my day around my to-do list so that I feel in control of my time and (c) I've learned how to say no to nonessential tasks."  

"I organize my work into 3 piles. To do now, to do soon, and to do when you have time. I resort the piles after I get back from lunch in case I have to reprioritize. I spend the last 15 minutes of the day cleaning off my desk, cleaning out my email, and rearranging my piles for the next day. This ensures I come in the morning with little distraction and a clear idea about what needs to get done on any given day."

"Know everything you need to do and by when it must be done, assuring yourself enough time to do each project, with pre assumed breaks inbetween. This will also relieve stress."


"My best time management tip is to always keep a to-do list and try to cross off as many items as possible in as little time as possible. If something isn't on the list, then I shouldn't do it until after I at least try to complete everything on my to-do list."

Time Management Tips, Be Organized


"Know when you have to be somewhere, or have something done, and try for earlier. This leaves time for delays or mistakes. If things run smooth then you have time to go do something else."


"The best time management tip would be use a calendar to remind yourself of tasks, tests, or daily activities. If you program tasks into a pda it will be in your face all the time, and remind you of upcoming tasks."

"The best thing to do in order to manage ones time is to create a to do list. This list will let a person know what needs to be done and how much time is needed through out the day."


"Keep your space clean and have all documents in labeled files - check your e-mail only once every hour."

Time Management Tips, Learn to Prioritize


"Make a list of all of the things that you need to finish for the day, in order of importance. check each thing off as you accomplish it."


"I keep good time management by keeping an agenda that has a list of the things i have planned for in a day. This keeps me on track and I dont ever get behind."


Time Management Tips, Find The System the Works for You


"When I have multiple tasks that need to be done, I manage my time by using an analogy of being in a room full of snakes. Some are large and poisonous and some are small and harmless. Which ones should I kill first? I would kill the large poisonous snakes first because they are the most important. The others can be taken care of later. I use the same principle in time management. Decide which tasks are the most important and do those first."


"I think online surveys are a great way to manage your time. you can do it while watching tv in your free time, and you are making money at the same time not just waisting your time watching tv in your free time. "

"I am only successful at time management if I visualize a task beforehand. For example, if I know that I will be giving a presentation, I will walk through the entire process from walking into the presentation hall to how I will wrap up the meeting. This may seem like I am using time that could be spent elsewhere, but it is the only way I've found to avoid WASTING time because I've forgotten something."

"Outlook reminders, they are time sensitive and keep popping up unless I do the required thing that I put there."


"I like to keep a desk top calender with times of appointments and meeting on it because it keeps me organized and I won't lose track of time or what I am doing for that day. It is also in my cell phone and I set an alarm to go off 3 hours before the meeting so I know what I have planned also. Both ways are very effective for me because the calender sits in front of me and the cell phone goes off so I know what, when, and where I have to be at a specific time."

Time Management Tips, Free Yourself From Procrastination

"My best tip is not to procrastinate. It is effective because things get done in a timely fashion."

"One cause of procrastination, an aspect of poor time management, is that we keep putting off tasks that seem like they will be difficult. When we finally sit down and do them, they are frequently much less of a problem than we imagine. Sit down and get something started--you might finish it much faster than you thought."


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