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Time Management for Kids
Time Management Tools just for Kids!

Teaching time management skills to children does not have to be hard! Use these inexpensive time management tools to help your child to manage their own time.

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Alarm Clock

An alarm clock is used to wake someone up. Kids can have their own alarm clock and become responsible for getting themselves up on time. Involve your child in his/her alarm clock from helping to choose one at the shop to what time would be a good wake up time. When your child feels that they have a say over what happen - they will be much more willing to get up on time!

Egg Timer

Egg timer's have so many uses! You could encourage your child to use their egg timer to clean their room or do their chores. Make it fun and suggest setting the timer for 5 minutes and seeing how much tidying can be done in that time. Egg timers can be used for kids and homework time management too.

Rewards Chart

Kids love stickers. Reward your child for sticking to the schedule with a sticker chart. When they get out of bed voluntarily when the alarm goes off - they get a sticker. When they do their homework in the half hour allocated to it - they get a sticker. For a certain amount of stickers get them a bigger reward.

In our home, we reward homework time with video game time. For each hour of homework that a child completes, he/she gets 15 minutes of video game time. We allow the time to be used that day or saved for a long session. In fact, we recently allowed one child to "gift" his time that had already been banked to his brother for a birthday gift. We also have a small homework area in our home... with enough desk space and supplies to make it easy for the children to complete their homework. Their backpacks are stored there as well, so that the paperwork does not get scattered around the house.

- Father of two boys aged 8 and 9

Homework Diary/Calendar

Encourage kids to start using a homework diary from when they can read and write. This will install good habits for when they reach the teen years. These do not have to be complicated or over the top, check out this fathers example:

We keep a calendar where he is responsible for writing due dates when he receives them. Right after dinner, we set aside time to complete assignments, and only after they're finished can he watch TV before bed. For every day early he has a long-term assignment finished (assuming it is good quality), he gets to choose something from the grocery store when we go shopping. It's worked! The only problem is I now find myself buying a candy bar almost every time we take a trip to the store!

Father of one boy aged nine

Time Journal

To encourage kids to take responsibility for their own time, try getting them to do a time journal. The can record how much time they spend on chores, homework, school and play. Show them how they can do their chores faster ans automatically get more play time for example.

What do you know about time management for kids? Share your thoughts, experiences, ideas and time management tips for kids.

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