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4 Little Known Ways To Avoid Procrastination

Why do people procrastinate?

And is there really a cure for procrastination?

Not exactly, however there are actions you can take to help avoid procrastination. Keep an open mind as we explore a few ideas to save time and get you to stop procrastinating.

ways to avoid procrastination
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Don't let procrastination become a serious issue for you. Try these simple, but effective ways to overcome procrastination.

1. Reward Yourself

Rewards is how to avoid procrastination the pleasant way! There will always be things you would rather do than a work project, or chores around the house! The solution? Rewards!

Decide on something that you enjoy before you begin a potentially unpleasant task. This could be a long soak in the bath after you finish cleaning the house, or perhaps a round of golf when you complete that work project. Having something nice to look forward to can help motivate you to stop procrastinating and get that taks done!

2. Create Momentum

Stand up. Right now! Simply doing something, especially if it is physical helps you to get your brain into gear and get you moving. Once you start moving momentum is created and it is much easier to carry on.

Don't know how to start the momentum? Regular readers will be familiar with my favorite time management tool - the timer. Use a timer to get you started, just set it for 5 minutes (even 1 minute!) and commit to those 5 minutes. Once you start it is much easier to carry on.

3. Be More Organized

Often we procrastinate because there is something else we would rather be doing than the task at hand. By being organized and on top of your "lists" your chores shouldn't pile up in the same way they may have done in the past.

4. Break It Into Chunks

Here is a cliche bit of procrastination humor you may have already heard before:

Q - How do you eat an elephant?

A - One bite at a time!

What does this mean in your life? Obviously not to go out and eat an elephant!! Rather it means tackle one small part of a big task at a time. Depending on how you feel about this particular project you can break it up into chunks as small as 5 minutes.

I work from home so I do this a bit with housework now and again. I don't think it is healthy for me to sit in front of the computer all day everyday without breaks - so I use my timer and have 5 minute breaks every 50 minutes. I do housework in this time - which benefits me in two ways. One I am getting a break for my laptop, and two I get my household chores done ... without feeling like I really am doing them!

"Procrastination is like a credit card: it's a lot of fun until you get the bill."

- Christopher Parker

Do you have any other ways to avoid procrastination? Share your tips about overcoming procrastination with the Taming Time community.

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