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What is Time Management? Definition of Time Management (part 2)

Definition of Time Management:

The act of consciously choosing how your time is spent.

If you have just joined us, this is a continuation of results from the definition of time management questionaire. I asked readers what is your personal view about "what is time management?".

These are some of the results that I recieved back, as you can see there is quite a wide variety of responses. There are some common themes, can you spot them?

What is Time Management?: Questionaire Answers

You were asked: "How would you define time management?"

I would define 'time management' as being able to divide your available time (e.g. your work day, free time, etc) so that all or most of the things that you need to accomplish get done. It also means that the time allotted is enough that you are able to do a good job of those things--not completing them in a hurried manner so that they are part-way done or not done correctly, for instance.

- Tasha: I'm a computer lab instructor and one-on-one reading tutor at an elementary school.  

Time management is an important aspect of being a successful student or employee. The ability to priority assignments to meet deadlines and achievement is my definition of time management.

- David: Trader

Time management is the ability to get what needs to be completed, finished in the correct amount of time. It means being able to use your time wisely, and get everything finished when it should be.

- Debra: Stay at home mom


Time management is when you use your time effectively in order to prioritize and complete tasks.

- Vanessa: Teacher

Time management is the ability to get tasks done within a stated time frame (or earlier) while maintaining one's sanity.

- Mikey: software support  

Time management is prioritizing your tasks in order to get the most important tasks done first. It is categorizing your tasks in groupings of importance so that the critical ones that affect other tasks get done so that the following tasks are not impeded by something of priority that was not finished.

- Harry: Engineer  

Time management simply means properly managing your time. A lot of people stuggle with finding effective ways to do this. A great start to time management is getting your priorities in order. Another good aid is to make a list of things you need to do and simply fall into a routine of managing your time in a way that works for you.

- Lisa: Student  

Time Management is the technique to utilize time in a way to get maximum output from your current abilities and resources provided,in the constraints of time.

- Alice: Student


Time management generally used to manage the time.It includes the sheduling , analyzing and most important setting your goals.Time management teaches you the cost of time and it make the person with puntuality.

- Emily W:Student

Do you have something to add? What is time management questionaire is closed, but you can share your time managements tips and strategies at talking about time management. If you want to see more peoples responses to this questionaire check out definition of time management (part 1) and define time management (part 3).

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