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The Surprising Answer Behind The Question:
Why Do People Procrastinate?

why do people procrastinate
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Procrastination is just laziness isn't it?

Or is it?

After reading a lot of articles about procrastination, I was able to develop a greater understanding of why people procrastinate. I learned not only new ideas as to what procrastination is, but also how to overcome it and reasons why people suffer from procrastination.

"Sometimes I worry about getting things done right the first time, so in order to cure that, I procrastinate so the task doesn't get done as quickly."

- Amber: Job Seeker

I've discovered that this is not only a habit one can easily withdraw from, rather it is a form of psychological setback which results to pain, depression and lack of self-esteem. It is regarded normal for people to put off doing tasks for a while but it becomes a problem when it hinders normal functioning.

When Is Procrastination More Than Just a Minor Issue?

When you fear not being able to do the task perfectly or think that a task is something that is very, very difficult.

Thus, you resort to procrastinating or not doing it all. Procrastinators should realize that they're bringing more pain by avoiding a task they think might be unpleasant or hard to do.

Students have been known to procrastinate a lot because they are naturally given a lot of projects and deadlines in an environment where there is a constant stream of activities and events that they would rather get involved in. Student procrastination may also be related to maturity, this relates to the lack of prioritizing skill.

In the working environment, procrastination strongly breeds from different sources such as an unrealistic deadline, lack of motivation or inspiration, no discipline, not taking breaks or not rewarding oneself or not doing the appropriate steps to combat this corporate peril.

Take note that in dealing with procrastination, some methods to beating it might work for some people but not others. Also different tasks may require different methods for overcoming procrastination. The important thing is to arm yourself with as many techniques to beat procrastination as possible. This will maximize your chances of overcoming procrastination for good.

Take Steps to Overcoming Procrastination

The "The Surprising Answer Behind The Question: Why Do People Procrastinate?" article highlights different reasons we as humans procrastinate. If you are battling with procrastination you will benefit greatly by reviewing some of the below articles.

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